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在江秉穎理事長領軍之下,ISSTA ( 今年再度獲頒"2019 World Sleep Day DIstinguished Activity Award Honorary Mention", 9/21在溫哥華舉行的世界睡眠大會 (World Sleep Congress)開幕典禮時由 ISSTA 副理事長,匹茲堡大學醫學院的 Patrick Strollo 教授代表上台領獎!


江教授今年也同時被提名擔任 世界睡眠醫學會 (World Sleep Society) 2020-2021 亞太地區理事候選人!



Under the leadership of president Rayleigh Ping-Ying Chiang, ISSTA (  got the "2019 World Sleep Day DIstinguished Activity Award Honorary Mention" again. On behave of ISSTA, the vice-president, prof. Patrick Strollo from UPMC got on the stage in the opening ceremony to accept this great honor!

This year, president Rayleigh Ping-Ying Chiang is also the candidate of the Member-at-Large in Asia-Pacific Area of World Sleep Society between 2020-2021.

Thank you so much for your support!


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Dear colleagues,
  Please support Dr. Rayleigh Ping-Ying Chiang as the candidate of 2019 Member-at-large in Asia-Pacific area of World Sleep Society by submitting your ballot to as an effective WSS member.


Please download the Official Ballot via :


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Ladies and Gentlemen,
 The 2019 ISSTA ( ) Annual Assembly of Member and the 6th International Sleep Medicine & Science Expert Forum (iFESS, will be organized in Lefkoşa, Cyprus . Welcome all sleep related fields and industry to join us!

Time: 2019/10/14(Monday) 10:00-17:00
Location: Near East University (, Lefkoşa, Cyprus 


另外,ISSTA( )總會2019年會 暨 第六屆國際睡眠醫學與科學專家論壇( )將在愛琴海上的賽普勒斯舉行.誠摯邀請睡眠醫學與科技領域及相關產業共同參與!

時間:2019/10/14(週一) 10:00-17:00
地點:Near East University (, Lefkoşa, Cyprus


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Today is our 12th annual #WorldSleepDay!

Countries around the globe are celebrating the importance of sleep!



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