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Technology Center

Our Strength

01 / Professional Team

IMHTC is found by Dr. Rayleigh Chiang , who defined the field of modern sleep technology and is leading the global platform, including ISSTA ( and
STC ( with core team members from academia, industry and innovative professionals, such as FinTech, AR/VR, AI, …etc.

02 / Strong Alliances

IMHTC holds a close relationship with prestigious industries and institutes, which instantly feed IMHTC with the latest information and technologies. Also, as the axis center, IMHTC has been organizing regular international academia-industry conferences.

03 / Self Development

With the support from its alliances, IMHTC has sufficient resources to engaged in benefiting the public. For now, it has started several projects, such as UISC v1.0, Sleep Coach, Virtual Personal Nurse, a long-term monitoring system, Ygeia coin, a new cryptocurrency in health care  ecosystem, and Innovative Medical & Health Technology Channels,…etc. 

International Conferences

International Conferences

Hello everyone:

As everyone struggles to fight the COVID-19, we have good news these two days. The article we were invited to draft before, after several edits, was accepted for publication by the editor of Sleep and Biological Rhythm the day before yesterday!


I hope that the publication of this article will help improve the field of sleep medicine and technology!


Thank you for your support!

Dr.Rayleigh led experts to visit US Department of Transportation

On February 3rd, Eastern Time, Dr.Rayleigh Ping-Ying Chiang and  Professor Ofer Jacobowitz,  visited US Secretary of Transportation Ms. Zhao Xiaolan to discuss sleep technology and driving safety.

ISSTA plans to establish the Sleep & Transportation Safety Consortium (STSC) in the United States in June this year. It will combine industry, government and academic resources to train more sleep technology talents and maintain good mutual relations with the industry.

The latest conference agenda of ISSTA 2019 & the 6th iFESS.

ISSTA-TMU (Taipei Medical Universtiy) Sleep Technology Forum in Washington DC, June 3rd.

1st Innovative Medical & Health Technology Forum


Please refer to the attachment for details



English version

5th International Sleep Medicine & Science Forum & ISSTA Assembly of Members


The 5th International Sleep Medicine & Science Forum & ISSTA Assembly of Members will be held in Prague, Czech Republic the second week of October. Between 08:30-12:00, the 8th of October, ISSTA will host its activity in Room 220 of the Prague Convention Center. Read more here: [more]

ISSTA World Sleep Day Honorable Mention


According to World Sleep Society. this year`s World Sleep Day had over 200 submitted activities from around the globe. During this day, the ISSTA activity was chosen to receive an honorable mention. ​


ISSTA President Rayleigh Ping-Ying Chiang Proposed Sleep and Health Technology Agenda in APEC SOM III and HWG Meeting in Vietnam


This week, Prof. Dr. med. Rayleigh Ping-Ying Chiang, President of ISSTA ( is in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam for the APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) III with 2nd Health Working Group meeting. ​


2017 World Sleep Day of Asia


This weekend we represent ISSTA, WSS(World Sleep Society)and the ISSTA Malaysian member AmLife co-organized the World Sleep Day activities in the Asian region.





Launched in 2017, IMHTC ( has been a pioneer in developing innovative medical and health technology and better health care solutions by connecting a broad range of experts for medical advise, technology support, research proof and industry cooperation. Since our formation, IMHTC  has proactively involved in and focus on future outlook of the combination between medicine and technology.


Sleep Technology is one of the important directions for the medical community to develop precision medicine, preventive medicine and health technology. The global prevalence rate of sleep disorder is about 20 to 40%; Knowing how huge  the sleep medical market is, non-intrusive treatments is also becoming the next step in the development of treatment patterns.


Vision of Innovative Medical and Health Technology Center (IMHTC):

1. Contribute to clinical and research works: Promote cross-domain research collaboration and improve medical techniques and technology based on scientific evidences. Assist patients to identify the underlying cause(s) of the their diseases so as to receive right treatment. Facilitate patients to establish concepts of health, encourage behaviors of health, and cultivate culture of health, and to achieve the goal of holistic care based on good sleep health. 

2. Facing global enterprises: Promote cross-domain integration and aid industrial upgrade, then further implement industrial forward linking and attain social overspill effects.

3. Facing governments: Enhance the efficiency of resources allocation through policy optimization. Further realize preventive medicine and precision medicine, and establish value-based health care economic system.





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